Choosing Between Web and Mobile App Development: Which Suits Your Business?

Is a mobile app the answer to the growth of your business, or is it a web app? It’s a tough decision to make, but choosing the right platform can unlock new opportunities and greater growth potential for your business. So, to alleviate your dilemma, here is what you should consider while deciding which platform to base your application on.

The number of mobile phone users has increased exponentially and has overtaken the number of PC users. Does that mean you should choose mobile app development for your business? Not necessarily. Although the number of mobile users has increased, there are other deciding factors, such as the cost of development, target audience, accessibility, market analysis, functionality, and more to be kept in mind.

Factors to consider while choosing between Web and Mobile App Development


When it comes to accessibility, web app is accessible to any device that has a web browser. However, to access a mobile app, it must be downloaded from the app store, which requires users to take the extra effort. Web apps can also adjust their screen size and resolution, depending on which device it’s currently being used on. Another benefit is that keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate, making it easier for the viewers.


Developing a mobile app demands more resources, time, expertise, and specialized developers. Mobile app development is a complex process due to the requirement of knowledge regarding platform-specific tools and languages. Additional factors like functionality, device integration, managing data storage, and the submission process increase the complexity of developing a mobile app. Additionally, separate versions must be created for different operating systems.

In contrast, developing a web app requires less time and is considerably cheaper. Although easier than mobile development, specialized expertise is still needed for complex features and backend maintenance.


Mobile app developers can leverage the features provided by devices, such as camera, microphone, location-based data, GPS, augmented reality, and a kaleidoscope of other features. You also have more control over the security of your mobile app.

By comparison, web apps have limited device-specific features, which might limit the immersiveness of the app. But what they might lack in immersiveness, they make up for it with excellent data processing capabilities and the ability to do complex tasks.

User Experience (UX)

In terms of user experience, mobile apps are more engaging and immersive than web apps. It leverages the features offered by mobile phones and enriches the user experience with unique features, allowing you to customize as you want. It can also be programmed to work offline. Another great feature of mobile apps is that you can engage with the users directly through push notifications, encouraging them to return. But getting users to download your app is a hurdle.

Web apps, however, boast wider reach, are easier to use, and are easily accessible across all devices, but they lack the immersive and unique features that mobile apps provide. Although they have a wider potential reach, getting noticed in the ocean of websites is a Herculean task, requiring knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Target Audience

Target audience is another crucial factor to consider while choosing a platform for your app.

What is your app about and who is it meant for? Ask yourself these questions, and try putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes. If your app uses mobile-specific features like camera, GPS, microphone, etc. mobile app is your answer.

However, if your app doesn’t prioritize any mobile-specific features, and you want it to be easily accessible through all devices, information-rich, and meant for people who prefer not to download apps, then a web app is ideal for you.


In conclusion, both platforms provide unique features that could benefit your app. But before deciding on a platform for your app always analyze your target audience and how you could better service them. Think of how your app can solve their problems but ultimately it comes down to what your business goals are, your resources, and who your target audiences are.

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