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Thank You Our team will be in touch with you shortly. Industry- Nutraceutical Service Service – Digital Campaign See Case Industry- Finance Service – Social Media Management See Case Industry – Pharmaceutical Service – Video See Case Home Explore Work .elementor-column-gap-default .elementor-element-30b6f775{ display:none !important; } .elementor-column-gap-default .elementor-element-45f6e9b1{ display:none !important; } .elementor-element-7ddfc133{ padding: 0 !important; }… Continue reading Thank You

Wellman IPL Demo

Wellman IPL Wellman Men’s Supplement is a specially formulated dietary supplement designed to support men’s health and vitality, providing essential nutrients and vitamins for overall well-being. Being Wellman’s digital marketing agency, we at Freshbox Media had upon our shoulders the responsibility to establish this supplement brand as a lifestyle habit amongst Indians. Leveraging the… Continue reading Wellman IPL Demo

Dr Reddy’s VVS Laxman

Dr Reddy’s VVS Laxman Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in India, renowned for its innovative research and development in the healthcare sector. Dr Reddy introduced a heartwarming campaign featuring personalized birthday wishes recorded by cricket legend VVS Laxman for their Doctors. In these heartfelt videos, VVS Laxman not only extended… Continue reading Dr Reddy’s VVS Laxman


Casio Casio Calculators is a renowned global brand known for its precision and reliability in the field of mathematical and scientific calculations. Casio Calculators wanted to take an unconventional route in positioning itself in the market. Recognizing the need to resonate with both students and professionals, we developed a comprehensive strategy that fused creative storytelling… Continue reading Casio


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Himalaya Pharmaceuticals

Himalaya Pharmaceuticals Himalaya Pharmaceutical is a renowned company in the UAE known for its commitment to innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. Himalaya Pharmaceutical has always been open to new ideas and creative concepts. We at Freshbox Media were tasked with designing their product Uralka and adapting it for digital use while ensuring effective… Continue reading Himalaya Pharmaceuticals

Himalaya LIV 52

Himalaya LIV 52 Himalaya Liv 52 is a trusted and renowned liver health supplement known for its effectiveness in maintaining optimal liver function and promoting overall well-being. Being a leading marketing agency in the healthcare industry, we undertook the challenge of creating an integrated campaign to promote Himalaya LIV 52, a renowned liver health supplement,… Continue reading Himalaya LIV 52


RNLIC ULIP Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company (RNLIC), is a prominent player in the insurance industry, offering a wide range of life insurance products and services. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company (RNLIC) aimed to create awareness about ULIP urging clients to stay invested. At FBM, the task at hand was to create a video campaign… Continue reading RNLIC ULIP


Milklane Milklane is a leading brand offering antibiotic-free milk in India, pioneering a new phenomenon in the country’s dairy industry. In India, the introduction of Antibiotic Free Milk presented a need for educating the public about its benefits. Milklane aimed to create awareness and attract buyers through influencer marketing and social media strategies. We at… Continue reading Milklane

Ashapura Commodities

Ashapura Commodities Ashapura Commodities is a prominent company in the commodities trading industry, offering a diverse range of products and services to global clients. Ashapaura Commodities, a website with multiple stakeholders, faced challenges in delivering an enjoyable user experience and showcasing its e-Catalogue on the website. To address this, we developed a structured roadmap for… Continue reading Ashapura Commodities

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