The baby food market is crowded with many brands offering various products. Our goal was to stand out with packaging that showed how healthy, organic, and tasty our brand’s products are. We offer a range of food items and flavours to suit diverse tastes.

To highlight the unique features of our brand, we designed different packaging for each variant. The packaging prominently showcases the ingredients, flavours, and health benefits of each product. This helps to differentiate our offerings from those of other brands in the market.


The natural phenomenon of choosing the right food items for their children has persistently been a domain led by mothers. The lockdown this pandemic brought upon us gave fathers more time to spend with their children, that’s when two friends who think alike figure there weren’t many healthy food options for children other than meals prepared at home. The option of healthy yet tasty packed food wasn’t satisfying because often what was healthy wasn’t tasty and vice versa. That’s when they came up with the idea of Nutriburp – organic and healthy food items for young kids.

The baby food market is heavily crowded with each brand offering something different. The end goal here was to stand out with packaging while depicting how healthy, organic and tasty the brand’s products are. The brand offered varieties of food items as well as flavours to suit diverse tastes.

We designed a different packaging style for each variant which highlighted its ingredients, flavours and all health benefits it carried. Each USP of the brand was prominently carved through different packaging to justify how the brand’s offerings are different from what exists in the market